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Brust samples

Excellent product! I enjoyed both brews!

Great option for the coffee lover who wants protein

Loving them so far!


Convenient, delicious, nutritious!! Love having a Brüst first thing in the morning to get my coffee and some protein in!

No chalky taste or texture, I add a bit of vanilla almond milk to my dark roast and its perfect.

He Loved the taste!

My teenager (high performing hockey player) really enjoys iced coffee and was excited to try Brust to get the extra protein! He liked both, but prefer the light with a bit of sweetness! We will be ordering more!


I love it! Actually I’m trying to ordered more today! Wasn’t sure how to do it!


I bought the sample pack and gave it to my son and a friend. They both agreed it was really good. I had a small taste of both and was impressed at the rich coffee flavour and lack of chalkiness that normally goes along with any kind of protein supplement. Would buy it again.

brüst sample pack (light roast & dark roast)

New Excellent Flavour!

What a delicious, new, and excellent flavour! Highly recommend this one. It's perfect post home workouts :)

great drink!

arrived quickly tasted good!

Great tasting!

Tastes great, either flavour.


Absolutely, great and tasty way get protein and caffeine to start the day and fuel workout

Original Light Roast

Exceptional product, the next big thing

I heard about this drink from friends and tried a sample and was blown away. Starting your day off with protein to fuel the brain is incredibly important -- and that's proven by many leading scientists -- so it's great that I found something that combines both caffeine and protein. An optimal mix, low calorie, and well priced.

Original Light Roast

brüst sample pack (light roast & dark roast)

Squash Ontario Sampler Pack


I cant believe there is no sort of protein aftertaste! This stuff tastes great!

Cold Coffee and protein?

I was expecting a chalky and lumpy coffee flavoured protein drink ...I am so happy it was the complete opposite.
It tastes like strong black coffee, that’s it. No sweet. No cream. Not even protein. Just coffee.
It’s not too big and gives you a protein boost you may need.


Love it. Drink it every day

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Brust Dark Roast

Dark roast packs a punch 👊 love it!

Coffee with benefits!

Not being a “must have a coffee” person but liking the dessert-ish coffees, the idea of a simple dessert-ish coffee with protein assuages my guilt!

Good product, fast shipping

Original Light Roast

Excellent Product

The Dark Roast was not really for me. I did not enjoy the taste, however I believe that is just personal. the Light Roast was outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed them and will be making an order in the very near future. Thanks for providing this great promotion!!