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New Dark Roast
Pawel Sztajnmec
Great tasting coffee!

If the product was just Okey I would not even bother wasting time writing a review, but the coffee it’s self it’s amazing!! The protein added to it it’s just a bonus, great customer service as well! Cheers!!

New Dark Roast
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Better cold brew coffee

The addition of protein smooths the acidity without adding undesirable sweetness. And some useful nutrition especially for seniors and exercisers.

New Dark Roast
Vanessa Joffe

I tried the dark roast and I am hooked. The taste is amazing and it is so nice to know I am getting my protein at the same time. I have already recommended it to everyone.

brüst trial pack
Meagan Misener



Taste and texture are perfect. Wish it came in larger cartons at a slightly reduced price!

Tasty and convenient

The brust dark roast is delicious and a great drink post-workout when I want the protein for recovery with the coffee for a boost of energy to finish the day. I’m particularly enjoying it in these Summer afternoons after a run.

A gift from above

Absolutely delicious and with 20grams of protein. Where have you been all my life ?!!!!

Light roast for the win

Since I typically enjoy my coffee with some sweetener, I enjoyed the light roast a little more than the dark roast. For those who enjoy their coffee black, the dark roast is the way to go!

brüst trial pack
Jason Saulay
Great Product

Nice, smooth taste and packed full of protein!

Taste amazing

Taste just like coffee


Great taste

brüst trial pack
Toni Valmonte

brüst trial pack

Great product

I love that I can supplement my protein intake and have my coffee at the same time. The Dark roast tastes great. I find the light a bit to light. It's more on the milky side. Over all this is a great product.

New Dark Roast
Spencer Shier


New Dark Roast
B Krasner
LOVE this stuff

With IF i am very sceptical about protein shakes. With brust, the taste is amazing, and I am able to fast for longer. No chalky or powdery taste. Really great coffee!

brüst trial pack
Corby Saltzman
Great product!

It’s a great product. Tastes great and filling. The major drawback is the expense compared to premier protein I buy at Costco. $1.85 vs $4 - that’s the part unfortunately I can’t get past.

brüst trial pack
Gian Carlo Gracia
Great alternative

I find brüst beverage to be the perfect on-the-go alternative especially when you don't have enough time to pick up a beverage at a local coffee shop plus the added protein keeps you full and I find it also increases my energy.

brüst sample pack (light roast & dark roast)

brüst trial pack
Gillian McCabe
Brüst trial

I really enjoyed both the light and dark roast versions. It’s a perfect post workout or long run coffee for me with the added protein. Thank you

brüst trial pack
Michael Pierog
Great Stuff!

Excellent tasting blend of cold brew coffee and chalky taste!


The perfect post workout pick me-up.


What a welcome surprise! These were very tasty!

It’s great!

It’s funny because I thought for sure that I would like the light roast better than the dark but I actually like the dark roast better. The light roast has just a hint of an aftertaste but the dark roast doesn’t seem to have that for me. I pour it over ice and add a little bit of vanilla flavoured oat milk and it’s delicious!

Loved them!

Tastes just like iced coffee and in a really handy portable twist off cardboard container. Can’t believe there’s 20g of protein in here

New Dark Roast
Andrew Clark
Pleasantly Surprised!

Opened up my first New Dark Roast mid workout yesterday and was surprised how light, delicious and refreshing it was. Was expecting a thicker drink but it wasn't at all. Easy on the stomach as well. I'm sold.