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The best

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Unlike most protein filled products, you didn’t get the nasty aftertaste with Brust coffee. Tasted like a regular cold brew. 10/10 would recommend.

Wow- love this protein coffee drink

Finally a protein coffee drink that tastes great and is not high in calories. No chalky, heavy taste. Great afternoon pick-me-up.


Loved the concept of this, tastes great and helps keep my protein/ calories steady


This stuff is sooo good. I have a sensitive stomach and some RTD Protein Drinks don't sit well. However, this one does not give me any issues whatsoever. On top of that it tastes good, low on calories and gives you an energy kick!! Will be a staple in my diet going forward.

I have been waiting for this for so long.

This is basically all I have ever wanted in the morning. I never liked having a sit down breakfast before work so this was perfect for my morning routine. They're also great if I've had a hard afternoon workout and know I have a lot to do into the night. They're quick, easy, and everything I need.

Love this stuff

What a great way to enjoy your coffee while getting much needed protein in.

Excellent Product

The delivery was prompt, and the dark roast tasted great. I would definitely purchase again.


Such a smooth, delicious taste, and I get a wonderful energy boost immediately. I love that the sugar content is so low, yet the taste is not sacrificed. I simply LOVE Brust!!!

Quite Bitter but Overall Great!

Usually get the regular but tried the dark roast this time. Was quite bitter as expected but pour over ice with a little creamer and you’re good to go!

Great taste

We love the light roast. Great taste, easy drinking and the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

brüst sample pack (light roast & dark roast)

Darker taste is really good

I tried Brust before and suggested it needed more coffee flavour. You’ve done that and it’s much more flavourful. I ordered a case when I got the offer for 4 free Brust drinks. I received the case but not the 4 pack. I wanted to compare to the original but as I stated, did not get the free 4 pack of 2 of each. Not sure why.

Amazing 🤩

OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Just simply amazing! You’ve won me over. I will definitely continue to order from Brüst. You’ve gained a new customer .


Brust was an excellent way to wake up, I had one everyday right after I woke up before I'd go to the gym, it gave me the protein needed for someone who doesn't enjoy eating after waking up for a certain amount of time, and with crohn's disease found it to be as easy as possible and nice on my stomach as possible while still enjoying caffeine.

Shipped Quickly and Taste Amazing

Brust light roast is my favourite. Tastes exactly like an iced coffee you'd get from any other store. The bonus is the protein that the Brust coffee has to offer. Love this product, helps me wake up and start my day off with a bang.

Light tasting and delicious

Brust light roast remains a staple favorite for that afternoon pick-me-up! Served chilled on ice it’s refreshing with a light coffee flavor!


This was my first time trying Brüst, and I loved being able to try both flavours in a convenient sample pack! I do prefer my coffee a bit sweeter so I LOVED the light roast, but the dark roast is really great too. Neither drink had that chalky protein powder taste, and went down really easily after a run/workout (sometimes whey protein doesn't sit well with me). They also taste great in smoothie shakes if you want to bulk up your post-workout protein/caffeine kick! I can't recommend these enough :)

Great product

Tastes like coffee and keeps me awake!!

New Dark Roast

Great taste!


I absolutely love this stuff! It a quick and tasty way to get my protein in as well as some extra energy!


I absolutely love the Light Roast. It’s the perfect breakfast when I have to run out the door in the morning. It’s light and creamy taste is super satisfying.

12 brüst a month is your optimal plan

Love this protein cold brew!

I'm a fan of this coffee. It's replaced my Starbucks run, my pre-workout, and intra-workout supplements on many days, and I love that it's portable. It doesn't matter where I am; I have a great beverage with 100-120 calories with 20grams of protein.

I buy Brust for my daughter in the States. She's a trauma surgeon and loves Brust, not only for the taste but also for the protein in the drink.
Convenient, nutritious and tastes great.