New Dark Roast

$ 43.99 CAD

New brüst dark roast is a full bodied, rich black cold brew coffee. 

Stay fueled on the go with cold brew coffee + 20g of New Zealand grass-fed protein.

12-Pack for $3.66 per bottle or subscribe to save 5%


Our coffee is exceptionally smooth and never acidic or bitter. That’s because we steep our hand-picked, artisanal roasted, Colombian and Brazilian Arabica coffee beans in cold water to produce the best flavour.


Our premium protein comes from grass-fed New Zealand dairy cows who are kept out of cages. Our farming partners practice the highest standards of animal welfare, so you can be confident that you’re not consuming traces of hormones or antibiotics.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Salman Sami
Game changing product with lots of potential!

Ever since I first tried Brust, I've been hooked. Both variants (the light roast and dark roast) taste great and give me the caffeine boost I need during the day while helping me hit my protein targets as well.

While I do wish they were cheaper (since I'm consuming them all the time), I'm hooked and will be for the foreseeable future.

Great job, team!!

Abdullah Rana
Love it

Have been drinking it first thing in the morning with preworkout meal for a few months, excellent way to get your protein and caffeine in and tastes amazing!

Tammy Vanderputten
Great Protein alternative

Love it... make an iced coffee with it all the time for work!


As an iced coffee lover & also as someone who tries to hit their protein goals every day, the dark roast is fantastic. Tastes great & is super handy to leave at work for when I need a pick me up. I will try the other flavour on my next order!

Shanthos Thiru
Great product!!

Found it really helpful with my early morning workouts!!