Original Light Roast

$ 43.99 CAD

brüst original light roast protein coffee is a light bodied, slightly sweetened cold brew coffee. 

Stay fueled on the go with cold brew coffee + 20g of New Zealand grass-fed protein.

12-Pack for $3.66 per bottle or subscribe to save 5%


Our coffee is exceptionally smooth and never acidic or bitter. That’s because we steep our hand-picked, artisanal roasted, Colombian and Brazilian Arabica coffee beans in cold water to produce the best flavour.


Our premium protein comes from grass-fed New Zealand dairy cows who are kept out of cages. Our farming partners practice the highest standards of animal welfare, so you can be confident that you’re not consuming traces of hormones or antibiotics.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Barakat

Original Light Roast

Brust Original Light Roast

I've been drinking Brust for awhile now. It's especially good after my afternoon workout. I get a boost from the coffee and 20 grams of protein as well. And it tastes great as well!

Mark Diamond
Best product ever

Brust is delicious and gives me the protein I need and the caffeine I love! Delivery is always on time.

Leah McCormick
Protein +

Such a convenient way to add protein to my daily life. The flavour is great making it an enjoyable protein power up.

Carolyne Prevost
Great Cold Brew Protein Drink

A great amount of protein in the cold brew. You don’t taste the protein at all. I have one every morning or after a workout even. It’s an easy way to get some protein in me plus who doesn’t love a good coffee as well 😊.