cold brew coffee with a boost of protein

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our mission

To make simple, life-enhancing beverages
designed to delight palates and nourish ambitions

anytime, anywhere

our story

Our generation is constantly on-the-go. We are active, have social lifestyles, and pack our days with as many activities as we can. 

Prior to founding brüst, our morning post-workout routine was slow. We waited in one line to purchase a coffee and another to purchase a protein-filled smoothie, only further inconvenienced by having to  carry both of these beverages through crowded streets on our way to work. On days that we could not wait for a fresh coffee and a smoothie, we purchased ready-to-drink protein beverages. However, these products did not taste great and we were skeptical of the ingredients. What we really wanted was a delicious morning protein beverage that fit into our busy routine and health-conscious lifestyle.

Fed up with the current options available, we established brüst beverage co. to help healthy individuals, like ourselves, live more efficiently. We created brüst, a cold brew coffee with a boost of protein, to service this need. A simple, protein beverage that has all-natural coffee to help kick-start your day.