Incorporating good post runs habits

The last time I wrote in the brüst blog, I discussed starting your spring running journey and I wanted to progress to incorporating some good habits to keep you going! Today I will be focusing on your post run routine.

When it comes to stretching the research is somewhat inconclusive, but it is recommended to keep anything you do before the run as dynamic as possible (think moving instead of static). Post run, I generally like to keep my stretches active as well.  The routine I find most beneficial is the Active Isolated Stretching Routine from Wharton Health. Here are the key basic principles of the routine:

1. All muscles work in pairs—activate the opposite muscle you are targeting to relax and lengthen.
2.   Isolate—One muscle, or muscle group at time.
3.   Don’t Hold—Move smoothly and gently into your natural end range of motion.
4.   Breathe—Exhale as you activate and move into your natural end range of motion. Inhale as you return to start position.
5.   Repeat—8-10 repetitions. Perform multiple sets on areas that are very contracted or tight.

Here are some of my favourite stretches:

I love doing these stretches, because I feel noticeable better when I run next. But even if you can’t do it immediately post run, stretching later in the day is still beneficial. By focusing on reciprocal inhibition stretches, which means when one muscle is contracted the opposite muscle must relax (think your quads to your hamstrings), I know I will get a better stretch! Additionally, by moving through the range of motion my body gets the blood flowing and it helps reduce inflammation.

Make sure you have a consistent post run routine, including having the proper recovery nutrition, so you can compare how you feel day to day. Having good body awareness can help you notice issues and keep you on track to your running goals.

Happy running!

Dr. Brittany Moran
Run Coach