5 tips to fuel your spring activities

Spring is here, the weather is warming up, and its finally time to be outside (following Covid protocols, of course). Your workouts might also be starting to shift from being short and indoors to being longer and outside. This means that our nutrition and fueling needs to change too!

So why do our nutrition habits need to change with the seasons? When we are at home we can grab food or water whenever we need it, but when we’re outside and on the go, this can be more challenging, here are my top 5 tips for fueling your spring activities:

1. Fuel up before you head out – carbohydrates provide energy for our body while protein supports our muscles and provides satiety. Pair a bowl of oatmeal with a brüst protein coffee to fuel your body before a long day of outdoor activities.

2. Bring water – water and other fluids (sports drinks) help keep us hydrated and replace sweat losses. Coffee can even help too! Did you know that coffee doesn’t dehydrate you? Stay tuned next month to find out why!

3. Pack snacks – I am a lover of snacks! Those who know me, know I never leave home without some in my bag or in the car. My shelf-stable go-to’s include trail mix with dried fruit, bananas, granola bars, or my brüst dark roast!

4. Plan ahead – where are you going and for how long? Will you be able to stop and refill your water or grab a meal or snacks? Make sure you pack enough snacks to avoid getting hangry, feeling tired, or having to stop.

5. Don’t forget about your recovery – recovering with good nutrition helps prevent muscle soreness and prepares you for your next workout. Refuel with carbohydrates to replenish energy stores, repair your muscles with protein, and rehydrate with water. brüst hits two of the three – so grab a brüst and a granola bar or PB&J sandwich to support your recovery.

Share your favourite spring activities and fueling strategies below!

Until next time,
Emily Fulton, MHSc RD CSCS
Registered Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist